Does the VMS2 have an internal sound card?

The VMS2 has its own internal sound card with a number of outputs (Stereo master Stereo zone and headphone OUT). An additional soundcard is not necessary.

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Can the VMS2 be used as an audio mixer without a PC?

The VMS2 can also be used as a full audio mixer  without a PC with up to 2 analog line inputs that can be separately divided on the 2 channel courses (MIDILOG channels) of the VMS2. With two of these inputs the input section can be alternated between phono/line. In the case of use of a PC, alternating between Line and USB audio is possible with all 2 channels during use. 

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How many virtual software decks can be controlled and driven with the VMS2?

Up to 2 virtual decks can be controlled over the VMS2.

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Is the VMS2 compatible with all major DJ Software providers ?

The VMS2 can be individually adapted to the respective software via the MIDI Learn function. Finished MIDI Mappings for the current DJ-Software will be available from us as downloads.

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Is the VMS2 compatible with the DJ Software "Deckadance"?

Yes, the VMS2 will be supported from version "Deckadance 1.9

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What are the dimensions of the VMS2?

Dimensions (LxWxH): 400x300x65mm

Includes rack rails to mount to a 19-inch rack mount case


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Will there be a 19 inch rackmount kit available?

Yes ! Includes rack rails to mount to a 19-inch rack mount case


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Does the VMS2 work with timecode CD/Vinyl?

Yes, but in order to use TC CD/Vinyl from Native Instruments or Serato you have to have their soundcards connected to your system. The internal soundcard of the VMS2 is not licensed for the use with NI Traktor or Rane Serato

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What software is included?

The VMS2 is bundled with Virtual DJ 7 LE. The supplied Virtual DJ 7 LE Version has no time limitation. Updating to Virtual DJ 7 Pro Full is not free of charge. You'll find the feature list of VDJ 7 Pro Full here.

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Is there a bag included?

No, will be sold seperately!

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Will there be a case for the VMS2?

Cases and bags will be sold seperately.

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What kind of power supply is needed?

The VMS2 works with an external power supply (included) and USB bus powered.

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Why do I need ASIO Drivers from the supplied CD?

In order to use the VMS2 with f.e. Native Instruments Traktor, without the need to install Virtual DJ.

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I installed my VMS2 and no sound is coming out!

• Is the USB cable connected from the VMS2 to your computer?
• Did you review the Quick Start guide?
• Are Channels 1 & 2 set to USB on the input selector?
• Are you getting meters on the VMS2?
• Are your speakers turned on?
• Is the Master Volume knob turned up?
• Can you test the mic to see if it is working ?

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Why doesn’t the EQ, Volume Faders and crossfader work on my screen?

• We have set up VDJ LE to so the audio is going through the mixer Trim, EQ and Volume fader rather than the software. This allows for a cleaner signal
• You can disable the EQ and Trim on the VMS4 and map it to the software Trim, EQ. To turn off the Trim and EQ, simply hold down the “Cue” button on Channel 4 and power the VMS up. You cannot do this on VDJ LE

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Why does my EQ not work?

The EQ was probably disabled. To enable the EQ and Trim, hold down Cue button #4 and turn the unit on. Then test the EQ.

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Does it work with Serato?

No, we are working on it. We have no date for this.

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How do I check what version my VMS2 is?

Simply power up and check the LED Meters. They will briefly show the version you have. The LED on the left will be the first number, on the right, is the second number. So if 3 are lit on the left and 8 on the right, then you have version 3.8.

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How do I install a updates on my controller?

• On the software disc that is included, there is a utility called “Firmware Update”.
• Go to, under “Downloads” you will see a file that is the latest version.
• Download file and save on your desktop.
• Open “Hardware Update” utility.
• VDJ program must be open, it should be minimized
• Select USB device on first line
• Browse and select update file
• Press “Update” button
• Once complete, turn unit off and on to make sure your VMS is the correct version.

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My cross fader is not working.

Check cross fader assignment. Also, remember the cross fader will not move on the screen

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Can it be used for Karaoke?

This is a Midi Controller with a soundcard. It could be mapped to work with MIDI Karaoke software. Also, you could run 2 wired mics and use the line inputs for wireless mics

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